Worthington Kilbourne

Another school that has been integral in getting the word out about PackH2O recently is Worthington Kilbourne. The International Baccalaureate program students made a very impactful video about the global water crisis and raised enough money to help 57 families! Women must walk several miles every day to find water and carry buckets which can weigh as much as 40 pounds. Coupled with the video, the students made buttons to hand out with every donation.  A huge thank you goes out to Worthington Kilbourne for their support!

Click here to give a pack and support PackH2O initiatives currently focused in Kenya with Partners for Care!

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World Water Week News


PACKH2O attends Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit

COLUMBUS, (March 20, 2014) — In celebration of World Water Day (March 22) and the milestone of distributing 100,000 water backpack in two years, PackH2O will be showcased at the “Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship” (APTE) event at Ohio State University (OSU). More than 1,000 students are expected to attend.

PackH2O will collaborate with APTE student leaders to raise awareness about the Achilles’ heel of the global water crisis – carrying water from source to home. Students will fundraise to send 10,000 water backpacks to women and children in Kenya with Partners for Care. More than 500,000 people have been impacted by the award-winning water backpack, which keeps clean water safe and eases the burden of carrying water.

Recipients of the water backpack have made it clear that improvements to their quality of life will increase future demand for the pack. Ng’etich, a Kenyan Branch Manager working for a tea distributor in Limuru, Kenya, stated, “With my job, I have the opportunity to work with many Kenyan communities in the field; I can say with certainty that the pack is making a positive difference in the lives of those who use it for daily water requirements….”

The PackH2O was developed by leading industrial packaging manufacturer Greif, Inc. who, working with NCT Ventures, contributed the original startup capital to launch this important venture. Battelle, the world’s largest non-profit research and development organization, provided the necessary expertise to validate PackH2O. Partner advocacy organizations, which include The Clinton Global Initiative, Habitat for Humanity International, Partners for Care, Special Olympics and Operation Blessing International, have assisted in distribution and training in proper usage of the PackH2O water backpack. View Video.


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Momentum Dance Program

“One World, One Water” is the title of the upcoming show by the Momentum Dance Program, partnered with BalletMet. The show, which is interpretive dance, will feature our packs to emphasize the problem of water scarcity and transportation. As World Water Day is coming up, we are reminded that people the world over do not have the means to acquire safe and clean drinking water. “One World, One Water-The Story Drip and Drop” hopes to stress this fact while wearing our packs during the show. General admission seating is free, so check out the important message featured in the shows on Tuesday, May 13 and Friday, May 16 at 10:30am and 1:00pm at Capitol Theatre!

Momentum students representing Ohio!

Momentum students representing Ohio!

Click here to give a pack and support PackH2O initiatives currently focused in Kenya with Partners for Care!

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New Albany: Hand in Hand with Haiti

World Water Day is coming up and in honor of this very important day, we’ll be highlighting some successful campaigns on water transportation right here in Columbus. First, New Albany High School did an incredible job of raising $25,000 for the Hand in Hand for Haiti project back in November of 2012. The students sold bracelets and T-shirts with “Hand in Hand with Haiti” printed on them while younger children in the district decorated our very own water backpacks to be sent to people in Haiti who struggle to find safe drinking water. Additionally, Dr. Paul Farmer and former President Bill Clinton were able to stop by and speak to the students about Partners in Health and their goal to provide proper healthcare to the thousands of people who have no access. Overall, the event was a major success and a huge thank you goes out to the New Albany community!

PackH2O intern Juli Sasaki with Dr. Paul Farmer in New Albany, Ohio.

Click here to give a pack and support PackH2O initiatives currently focused in Kenya with Partners for Care!



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It’s not just there….

Safe drinking water is not just a concern to those who don’t have access to clean water in water-scarce parts of the world;  it has become the concern of those with access to clean water but who are also in close proximity to industrial plants which leave them vulnerable to the effects of chemical spills.  From West Virginia, where such a spill is still under investigation, to Brisbane, Australia, where concerns for microbes associated with human infections have been found in the drinking water, safe water has become a global concern. Several articles have been published recently.  The Examiner.com ran both an article and several videos, which also includes a focus on pharmaceuticals and pesticides in the water; NYC water towers are also reviewed.

To watch the Examiner.com videos, click here:

Soon we may all be carrying water back packs!  Until then, support those who need them now!  To make a purchase, click here. 

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A team to really look up to!

It’s one thing for a corporation to take notice of a social cause. It’s a whole other leap to ask your employees to get involved. You probably haven’t heard of Multicorr, but there’s a chance you may have used their products. This company is especially unusual for their HEART. Multicorr heard about the PackH2O water backpack from their parent company, Greif, inc. Instead of passing it by the wayside during the busy holidays. They decided to take ACTION! In case you didn’t know, PackH2O has an awesome tool for supporters to create a team and raise packs for organizations wishing to buy packs. This is exactly what Multicorr did. They created a team, sent the link to their network and raised $4270! That’s 427 packs that will be sent to 427 families in Kenya! But why we asked? What made them go so far as to involve their entire company in raising this money. Turns out the story gets better. Chris Upchurch, an employee of Multicorr, gave us a bit more information!

multicorr homepage


If you want to support PackH2O through team giving, click here and sign up. It’s free!

I have done mission work in Haiti and The Dominican Republic for a number of years and I know first hand what clean water means to these people.  My wife and I are in the final stages (we hope) of adopting two boys from an orphanage outside of Port-Au-Prince and their orphanage has the only source of drinking water in the area so I’ve seen how valuable water is for these people.  We are actually leaving next Friday to visit our boys for a week and are pretty excited to see them again! I was approached by my Production Manager about raising funds toward the water backpacks before the holidays.  Some of Multicorr’s sister plants (CorrChoice) put out a challenge to see who could raise the most money for the packs so our management team really got behind this and helped out every step of the way.  The Pack H2O site was really great because I could track our progress.  I put out a request to vendors, customers, salesmen and our employees and could easily point them to our team page to make donations. When all was said and done Multicorr’s 86 employees, customers, vendors, management team, and even a few random truck drivers who had seen a posting I had up had raised $5270.  (One of our customers went to the Partners for Care web site and donated $1000 so that didn’t show up on our team page.)  In all, CorrChoice raised $11,080 for water backpacks.  I’m not sure how the other plants made their donations.  I am both amazed and humbled at the support we received.  Management may have pushed partly because of the competition, but EVERYONE who gave gave out of the spirit to help.

So we did a little more digging and it turns out that $32,803 was raised over the holidays. That means 3280 families will receive packs very soon! With that said, we think a HUGE THAK YOU is in order! Dedicated to Greif, Multicorr, CorrChoice, Michigan Packaging, Combined Containerboard, Southeastern Packaging, Ponderosa Packaging

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A true PackH2O leader!

Kudos to David Fischer, President and CEO of Greif, Inc., for recognition in the January issue of Leaders magazine.  The article features Mr. Fisher’s personal involvement with the development of the water backpack, details how PackH2O is a catalyst for solving the  Global Water Crisis, and highlights some of the awards and acknowledgements PackH2O has received in the last year.


Partners for Care Kenya is seen as one of the most successful NGO’s working with the pack.  Kenyan recipients are ecstatic about the backpack, as it helps to keep the water clean and cool. One man walked 6 hours to see how he could receive a backpack: he was tired of the sickness due to water-borne illness and his money being used for medicines instead of educating his children.  The mandate is clear;  as Mr. Fischer stated, “…we  have the opportunity to build futures.  We can’t walk away from this.”


Community members in Kenya have spoken;

 the PackH2O water backpack is changing their lives in a positive way.

Join Greif and PackH2O in supporting Partners for Care in Kenya.


To read the article in its entirety


Read coverage about David Fisher in the April 2013 issue of Leaders Magazine,

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23,000 Packs to Philippines

As part of our deployment with Habitat for Humanity, 23,000 PackH2O Water Backpacks have arrived in the Philippines today. The packs will be used in the continuing disaster relief following the Typhoon, and in areas where access to clean drinking water is limited.

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Since our participation in the #GivingTuesday campaign, PackH2O has received over $5000 in contributions over just a few weeks. These donations are helping us deploy another 500 water backpacks through our non-profit partners on the ground, having a positive-impact on up to 2500 lives.

To learn more about #GivingTuesday, please visit: http://givingtuesday.org/partner/packh2o/

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Lifting the Burden – Five Stories.

Thousands of PackH2O Water Backpacks have been deployed throughout Kenya since 2012 through Partners for Care, an organization doing amazing work on the ground around Nairobi. Their director was considerate enough to share five stories of how our water backpacks are being received in developing areas where access to drinking water is scarce.

A Story of Trust

Ann Wanjiru Wanjiku is an amazing woman. Since Ann got the water pack she has not stored water in any other container. Ann says the water pack keeps her water not only safe but also very cool and great tasting. Ann is on ARV medication and is required to take water frequently so this has enabled her to take more than the required 8 glasses a day which was not the case before . Ann shares the water pack with her son. Her son calls it the miracle bag. Ann is slated for stomach surgery soon and she trusts the water from the water pack so much that she has sworn to carry it with her to the hospital. She is in fact willing to buy the water pack at Kshs.5,000 because to her the benefits outweigh the cost. She is very grateful for this wonderful product. This is an amazing story that shows how deeply the water pack has touched people’s lives .

The story of Ben

Ben is a young man from Limuru. He says the water pack has simply transformed his life health wise. He used to get water borne illnesses before but that is history now because since he received the water pack he has not gotten any of those illnesses. He has also been receiving a lot of visits from family and friends who want to have a taste of the water and also to see the water pack he keeps on telling them about. He calls the bag digital and big step forward for mankind .

The Story of Judy Njeri

Judy Njeri is a green grocer. She says she used to store drinking water in a drum and was constantly suffering from diarrhea . She has however not had a case of diarrhea since she started using the water pack and most of her customers keep on asking her about the water pack and how it is used. They are amazed that a bag (Ngunia) can be converted into such a revolutionary product and also have a tap. She is very grateful for the water pack and wishes for more water packs so that everybody can experience this wonderful product.

The Story of Young Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a young girl that has been lucky to experience the wonderful benefits of the water pack. She says the thing about the water pack she has noticed is that the water is safe from contamination from dust and other contaminants unlike water stored in a Jerrycan. Her one wish is that her friends in school can also receive a water pack so that they can also experience the benefits .

A Gift to Mum

The team meets this young lady who they had given a water pack and she tells them that she gave it to her sick mother. Her mother who lives in rural Meru had fallen sick and was required to be kept in very hygienic conditions, she therefore gave her mum the water pack as a gift so that she could keep her water safe. She says the water pack has made women from other villages to come visit her mum so they can see this revolutionary product. She is thankful for the water pack and looks forward to the day she receives a replacement.

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