Cholera Relief in Kenya with Partners for Care

Recently, an outbreak of Cholera has hit Western Kenya.

10422956_10152741464813583_5521234844299566791_nPartners for Care, packH20, The Red Cross in Kenya, and the Harold C. Schott Foundation have come together to make a difference in the lives of many cholera effected families.

11046868_10152741464808583_2285472487634168590_nBecause of the amazing generosity of the Harold C. Schott Foundation, Partners for care has delivered 500 packH20 water backpacks to Homa Bay, Western Kenya to help aid in the fight against Cholera.

10918993_10152741464798583_6569695577772372389_n-1The partnership with Red Cross will help to better the future for these families with our pack by providing safe water transportation.


Safe water = Healthy Families

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International Women’s Day

international women's day

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Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship

This weekend, packH2O will be attending our third APTE Summit! In year one our dear friend Tess Mateo spoke about the packH2O water backpack as well as CXcatalysts. Last year our Director Kelsey Langdale sat in as a judge for the business plan competition.

This year we will be showcasing the pack at the Innovation Marketplace from 4-5pm at the Wexner Center!

IMG_0784T shirts are a big part of our everyday life. Some of our favorite shirts spread messages of positivity. Last year, APTE launched the no poverty shirt. This year you can sign up for the summit for free and choose to add a notebook and the new shirt created by Outfit Good!

Sign up here!

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Children Helping Children

Children from St. Philip Lutheran Church raised $1,000 for PackH2O

Children from St. Philip Lutheran Church raised $1,000 for PackH2O

The children at St. Philip Lutheran Church made waves Sunday, February 8th, as they presented a check for $1,000.00 to PackH2O. With their passion and drive to help children like themselves across the world, the youth were able to take action and raise the money donated.

Impressed by St. Philip, the TBTG Foundation (Thanks Be To God Foundation) saw the determination and iniative the children had and then matched their $1,000 with another $1,000. St. Philip and TBTG made a total contribution of $2,000 towards improving lives of women and children who are suffering from the global water crisis.

This ripple effect continued as, Dwight Smith, a member of Sophisticated Systems, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, decided to match the total contribution and donate another $2,000 towards the water backpack!

The total $4,000 could potentially benefit the lives of 2,000 people around the world.

Start your own ripple effect - visit to see what you and your organization can do to help carry hope.




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2015 | A new year, together!


2015 will be about loving, educating and embracing one another. Focus on those brief moments to connect. Smile at a stranger, tell them your story and see how your lives intertwine. It’s through conversation and trust that we can lift one another up. Whether your passion is packH2O or a local initiative. It’s through everyday interactions that we can change the world together.

This year, packH2O will turn three. In this time we have worked with over 50 organizations, delivered nearly 200,000 backpacks and impacted almost 1 million people. We couldn’t have done this without you. You helped share the stories of women from around the world. Your companies helped match for a greater impact, your churches talked about our mission in your sermons. Your schools shared the backpack as a tool of innovation.

You were our voice.

From the bottom of my heart, and the many others who make packH2O a reality, we want to thank you. We hope that you will continue to support our mission for clean water and efficient transportation for those who need it most.

Warmly & Lightly,
Kelsey Langdale
Executive Director

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Shed Light

We had so much fun this weekend getting involved with Columbus’s first ever Fashion Meets Music Festival. Thanks to Catco Theater, we were able to build a unique, interactive light fixture for the opening Fusion Foundation Gala. To us, the light fixture has a higher purpose than just its soft glow. It has a story that we’d like to share:

Interactive Light Fixture at the FMMF Gala

Interactive Light Fixture at the FMMF Gala

A seed drops from the tree of life.

What potential a human being has. Where will the seed land? It glides over North America, over the islands of the Caribbean, and lands in Guatemala.

A light emanates from the seed, glowing with energy – the evidence of the brightness one individual can bring to the world. As this beautiful Guatemalan girl grows, her light struggles to shine as brightly as it did originally. The daily struggles of life distract her from the time she needs to spend on pursuing her unique gifts as a person. She must fetch water from the stream three miles from her village on a daily basis. The water is heavy and bears a heavy load on her head and neck. The jerry can she uses still harbors remnants of petroleum. Although she works hard everyday to bring this water home, it makes her family sick. She must take days away from school to carry water and even more to recover from waterborne illness. Her inner light dims.

The seed that became her from the tree of life did not land in the United States. Our lights here are often bright. A donation could give her and many girls a PackH2O water backpack to help carry water safely, allowing her light to shine brighter. Help carry hope for her.

PackH2O in Guatemala

PackH2O in Guatemala

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World Humanitarian Day 2014


Today marks World Humanitarian Day–a day set aside to recognize the work and sacrifice of humanitarian workers around the world. The 2014 theme is ‘The World Needs More…’. We believe the world needs more people to champion the water crisis, more #Wavemakers.

We’re grateful for all those working around the globe to create a better world for us all and especially for our friends working to bring clean, safe water to people around the world. Share your support for support for #HumanitarianHeroes and #Wavemakers today.

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Outfit Good for Water

Spread good with the Wave Makers tee.

Spread good with the Wave Makers tee.

Two local Columbus projects work together to make a difference on an international level. For the month of August, if you buy a super soft, hand printed PackH2O Wave Makers tee through Outfit Good, you will also be giving $10 towards a PackH2O project. That means 100% of your donated $10 will go towards helping women and children around the world to carry water. The donated water backpacks will be implemented and brought out to the areas in need through our nonprofit partnerships. Click here to check out the shirts.

Women in water-stressed regions walk an average of 3.5 miles daily while carrying around 5 gallons of water on their head in a contaminated container. By purchasing a Wave Makers shirt and supporting PackH2O, you will be contributing towards our dream of giving a water backpack to all those in need of one. So, buy a snazzy new shirt to start off the fall season while also contributing towards our local movement to end the water crisis internationally.

Make waves. Create a ripple effect by supporting and spreading the word about the water transportation crisis with your friends, family, and fellow community members.

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WearGood + PackH2O

WearGood Jam Session

WearGood Jam Session

Fashion Meets Music Festival (FMMF), WearGood Jam Session, PackH2O. What do these three things have in common? They are all collaborating together to combat the water crisis head on over a period of 9 days.

Rolling in first is the WearGood Jam Session over the weekend of August 22nd. Although the name invokes thoughts of audible music, this event is really about a startup think tank. Designers, engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and more are all using their talents to generate wearable technologies for social enterprises that tackle problems in Columbus. There are seven civic challenges at hand ranging from homelessness to public transportation, and the theme for the startups is wearable technology.

They created mock-ups from the Jam Session will be featured at FMMF’s Fashion Show and Tell. As an example of wearable technology, the PackH2O water backpack will be featured during the Jam Session to inspire thought. It will be used as a water dispenser for participants. We began three years ago as a local startup, so this is a cause we feel passionate about supporting. Also, we’re always looking for more ways to use the water backpack in daily life here. Visit WearGood’s website to sign up for the event and visit us.

The following week will be all about Columbus’s new FMMF event. The PackH2O water backpack is, in a sense, wearable fashion for a purpose. Because of this, we will be spreading information about the water transportation crisis throughout the festival. At the event, keep an eye out for new videos from us and some chances to buy our limited edition Wave Makers t-shirt! We’re extremely excited to be a part of this new festival in Columbus.

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Innovations in Smart Power: USGLC

Our friends at the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) are featuring us in their 2014 Innovations in Smart Power Report! This yearly report features organizations and businesses that are making a positive impact towards global issues while simultaneously making a difference in their own areas. We are so honored to be among the other featured businesses and NGOs like the Coca Cola Company and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

This report focuses on the issues that each group is working towards solving, the innovation created to attack the problem, and the return on investment. It is inspiring to see a such a complete, well-written account of organizations that tackle a wide range of global hardships. Some of the issues in the report include clean water access, modern slavery, farming for women, and global health. The amount of innovation that these organizations achieve is astounding. With global problems growing everyday, innovation by big business and NGOs is becoming the smarter route that is also better for the world.

Take a look at the report by clicking on this link:

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