What is an LDC?

You may have heard the term, Least Developed Country. So what does this mean?According to the United Nations, there are three criteria a country must meet in order to be considered an LDC.

  • Low Income
  • Human Resource Weakness (Nutrition, Health, Education and Adult Literacy)
  • Economic Vulnerability & Sustainability

Least Developed Countries Map

“Lack of adequate, safe, drinking water, improved sanitation and shortages of food and    energy are directly or closely linked to water. A grave lack of infrastructure and management capacity not only obstructs people from growing food and producing energy but also leaves them to the mercy of the extremes of water.” – Fourth UN Conference

Basically, there are countries severely affected by their lack of resources in many areas. One of the most important being Water. Without it, they can’t progress. So what’s being done in order to help lift these areas up?

Providing access to clean water is a key factor in sustainability.

That’s where PackH2O comes in.

We have the ability to positively touch the lives of almost 1 billion people in 49 countries with our water backpack. The amazing thing is it takes only $10 to help an entire family.

The problem is vast, but the solution is simple.

Help Carry Hope with PackH2O and Give a Pack to help someone in an LDC.

The Pack

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