We have faith in you!

PackH2O has been busy these past few weeks! After several conversations with some of the most inspirational people we have met, we decided to reach out to more.

Here at PackH2O, it doesn’t matter where you came from, what you look like, who you love or what you believe. All that really matters is that you believe in making a difference. Men, Women and Children are counting on people like us to help. 

We have been reaching out to faith based organizations around the U.S. to see  if their visions are aligned with ours. Turns out, solving the water crisis is important to a lot of people! It has been amazing to hear from so many congregations that they already have initiatives happening in developing areas and want to use the pack to help even more!

If you or your church have similar goals to providing access to clean and easily transported water, please feel free to contact us and we will send you a package with a sample kit!


In the mean time, we’ll be at the post office…

PackH2O Kits being sent to churches around the U.S.!

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