Water for Washing

When you think clean water, thirst quenching may come to mind. But what about body washing? In places like Kenya, families are faced with the daily nuisance of things like jiggers. Tiny parasites that combined with unsanitary conditions can increase the chances of infection. Partners for Care has helped manage several centers to help overcome these issues. Here is a message we recently received….

On Sunday night four Partners for Care staff traveled from Nairobi to Watamu to begin a jigger treating campaign. Watamu is where one of our most recent centers was open.

The team was overwhelmed by the number of people, young and old, infected with jiggers. Many are bedridden as they are infected all over with jiggers.

In the evening the Governor of this area held a meeting to discuss some land issues with the people of Watamu. After the Governor finished speaking, he asked Pastor Peter, our Watamu director to close in prayer. After Pastor Peter finished praying the people started shouting “water packs”.  They were showing their appreciation for the water back packs our staff has distributed in this area!

Thank you to Partners for Care for your work in providing access to clean water as well as a chance for families to receive proper healthcare!

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