This is What it’s All About – Packs Making a Difference

To all of our partners, and to everyone that has sponsored packs – this is what our efforts are really about: stories of how we’re making an impact! People can see, now more than ever, how important this pack really is. Below is a letter from our partner in the filed, Connie Cheren of Partners for Care. Meet James Okaya…

As you know the Partners for Care staff along with the CHWs are distributing the water packs to every household in Marurui slum. They sent me the following story:

The picture attached is of a man who learned about the water packs. He decided to walk 6 hours to Marurui to see how he could get a pack. He spoke to the area chief who directed him the the PFC clinic. He didn’t even take time to greet the staff, he just ask how he could get a water pack.

He didn’t want to leave without getting a pack.  He told the staff he spent a lot of money on typhoid and diarrhea treatment.  He said, “I want to be free from this kind of sickness and use the money I have been using for medication to educate my children.”

This is certainly a good benefit of the water pack – saving money on treating water borne illnesses that can be used for school fees.

Grateful for the packs,

You can be a part of the PackH2O solution. Give a water backpack and allow for a mother and  father to provide a better opportunity for their children’s future.

water pack 076

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