The Gift of Life

In 2010, the PackH2O water backpack was created by Greif, the leader in industrial packaging. After the tragic hurricane hit Haiti, CEO David Fischer and Chief Sustainability Officer Scott Griffin developed the idea surrounding a pressing issue that not many had addressed. The transportation of water once it had been accessed.

Three years, 21 countries and over 100,000 lives later PackH2O continues Greif’s mission to provide a water backpack for the over one billion people who lack access to a safe and convenient source of water.

School goers receiving PackH2O water backpacks to take home to their families.

School goers receiving PackH2O water backpacks to take home to their families.

A few of Greif’s own employees, Tim Bergwall, Chris Krumm and Scott Ford, provided Christ Temple in Kenya with water backpacks. This congregation has focused on uplifting the “forgotten children” by providing education to those who cannot afford it.

“Many individuals are familiar with the Greif Corporation, and know that they make plastic drums, fiber drums, water bottles for water coolers, steel containers, corrugated board and more.  However, this new state of the art water backpack by Greif is especially helpful in our educational system in Kenya because it is designed to carry water more comfortably than in a jug on your head as is seen by most native Africans. And, he further stressed that from an environmental friendly vantage point, the Greif Water Backpack is not made from some cast-off container material that perhaps used to be full of poison or industrial waste. LTC Michael Ford, Jr. stated: “We cannot express adequately in words, our gratitude to Greif for their “gift of life” to these children.”

Christ Temple Global Medical Missions needs assistance with building their new school. If you’re interested in contributing please contact Captain Melvyn Y. Little @ (502) 500-3042, or donations to @ PCAF. Net~ On line payment~ Specify Christ Temple Global Missions.

You can give a water backpack to those in need by clicking here!


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