The Kenya Project: A Water Transportation Crisis

Contaminated Containers

4000 children are lost everyday due to lack of access to clean water

The problem is enormous. Today, one out of every seven people in the world doesn’t have access to safe and convenient water. We lose 3 million people each year due to water related illness – the impact results in 4000 children losing their life, every single day.

Access to clean water is of tremendous importance. But when clean water wells are built, why are people still getting sick? When you look at photos of developing countries, you will see women and children often carrying containers that are heavy and dirty. Clean water is being contaminated everyday by the buckets and jerrycans used in transport.

The Kenya Water Project is a humanitarian effort of PackH2O and Partners for Care, aimed at saving lives in Kenya by reducing health risks associated with contaminated water. The organizations will provide and distribute thousands life-saving water backpacks in the region during 2013.

Partners for Care is an organization that works in the slums of Kenya to help eliminate the spreading of preventable diseases. One of these being water related illness. Together, using PackH2O’s unique water backpack, we are working to address these issues on a level beyond clean water. Connie Cheren, leader of Partners for Care, and her team are working in Kenya, as we speak, to measure the positive impact our packs are having on the health ofcommunities. We want to demonstrate how our pack can change lives in developing countries on a transformational level.

To help spread our message, and to rally support to our life-saving campaign, we’ve decided to create a documentary of an upcoming trip to Kenya. We’ve teamed up with activist and filmmaker Scott Ryan of Manifesto TV to create an in-depth look at the water transportation crisis in Africa, and the people who are working to get clean water to all citizens of the world. If you would like to support our fundraising efforts for the film, please visit our KickStarter Campaign:

Help Carry Hope

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