Knowledge, Leadership and Capacity on a Local Level

A friend of our partner organization, Partners for Care, took time out to write of his experience in Kenya and about the pack. Adam Bentham, a member of People In Aid, shows how organizations and people alike can make a difference in communities around the world.

Adam saw first hand how the packs were distributed to women in the community and were taught how to use, clean and care for them.

Connie Cheren, founder of Partners for Care, emphasizes the importance of including the community in your vision for the future.

In Connie’s own words, “the biggest challenge for projects in Kenya is what the Western World has done to developing nations — there is a definite power imbalance. Sometimes the westerner comes to developing nations and assumes the leadership role. Local staff, volunteers or members of these communities, need to know that they themselves are the leaders.”

The collaborations between Habitat for Humanity, Partners for Care and PackH2O look bright. There are already over 100,000 packs currently in production, and we’re continuing our efforts in financing even more.

Help Carry Hope today. Give a pack to someone in need.

A Kenyan Health Worker presenting the PackH2O water backpack to women who carry water in a bucket everyday.

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