In Partners We Trust

If not for our amazing partners, our goal of providing water backpacks to those impacted by the water crisis, would not be achievable. Together we can achieve so much more.

Partners for Care is a perfect example.

Their amazing work in Kenya has led us to believe that through partnerships, the Water Crisis is beatable. While many organizations focus on access to clean water and sanitation, Partners for Care focuses on eliminating the spread of preventable diseases.

Maai Mahiu in Kenya is one of the many communities that will receive water backpacks as part of PFC’s latest initiative. The men and women receiving packs have reportedly been using the packs properly with signs of less sickness and more time outside of providing this basic necessity for their family.

We can’t wait to continue to support Partners for Care in their amazing work!

Click here for a livestream from Connie on World Water Day!

Give a water backpack to a family in Sub Saharan Africa today!

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