Head On

“Head on,” a phrase all about tackling something with full force and passion. What do you take head on? Right now at PackH2O, we are currently working to engage the vibrant city of Columbus in an initiative called Columbus Carries Hope. It is all about a city-wide collaborative effort using social innovation and community awareness to combat the water crisis. Columbus Carries Hope is powered by socially-minded people, like you, working together for a common cause: lifting up one million people from the burden of the water crisis.

Here at PackH2O, we take the water crisis head on. It is our driving force, what pushes us to keep working every day. Personally, when I back a project, I start out with excitement and energy to pour all of my efforts into it. However, this initial energy is only sustained through projects that I have a true passion for. PackH2O’s mission to ease the burden of water transportation for women and children in developing countries is something that aligns with my values and goals as a person. It is because of this that I never grow tired of working towards a cause like the water crisis.

So is the water crisis something that you are passionate about? Are you willing to take this project head on with us? If so, join us and some other inspired people on our mission to carry hope with Columbus. What can you do to help? The opportunities are endless.

Start by sharing our Facebook page (click below) and other social media pages with friends and family.

headonimage1_socialmediaAnd donate online with a fundraising team through our website.

Together, we have the potential to make a huge impact.


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