Children Helping Children

Children from St. Philip Lutheran Church raised $1,000 for PackH2O

Children from St. Philip Lutheran Church raised $1,000 for PackH2O

The children at St. Philip Lutheran Church made waves Sunday, February 8th, as they presented a check for $1,000.00 to PackH2O. With their passion and drive to help children like themselves across the world, the youth were able to take action and raise the money donated.

Impressed by St. Philip, the TBTG Foundation (Thanks Be To God Foundation) saw the determination and iniative the children had and then matched their $1,000 with another $1,000. St. Philip and TBTG made a total contribution of $2,000 towards improving lives of women and children who are suffering from the global water crisis.

This ripple effect continued as, Dwight Smith, a member of Sophisticated Systems, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, decided to match the total contribution and donate another $2,000 towards the water backpack!

The total $4,000 could potentially benefit the lives of 2,000 people around the world.

Start your own ripple effect - visit to see what you and your organization can do to help carry hope.




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