A team to really look up to!

It’s one thing for a corporation to take notice of a social cause. It’s a whole other leap to ask your employees to get involved. You probably haven’t heard of Multicorr, but there’s a chance you may have used their products. This company is especially unusual for their HEART. Multicorr heard about the PackH2O water backpack from their parent company, Greif, inc. Instead of passing it by the wayside during the busy holidays. They decided to take ACTION! In case you didn’t know, PackH2O has an awesome tool for supporters to create a team and raise packs for organizations wishing to buy packs. This is exactly what Multicorr did. They created a team, sent the link to their network and raised $4270! That’s 427 packs that will be sent to 427 families in Kenya! But why we asked? What made them go so far as to involve their entire company in raising this money. Turns out the story gets better. Chris Upchurch, an employee of Multicorr, gave us a bit more information!

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If you want to support PackH2O through team giving, click here and sign up. It’s free!

I have done mission work in Haiti and The Dominican Republic for a number of years and I know first hand what clean water means to these people.  My wife and I are in the final stages (we hope) of adopting two boys from an orphanage outside of Port-Au-Prince and their orphanage has the only source of drinking water in the area so I’ve seen how valuable water is for these people.  We are actually leaving next Friday to visit our boys for a week and are pretty excited to see them again! I was approached by my Production Manager about raising funds toward the water backpacks before the holidays.  Some of Multicorr’s sister plants (CorrChoice) put out a challenge to see who could raise the most money for the packs so our management team really got behind this and helped out every step of the way.  The Pack H2O site was really great because I could track our progress.  I put out a request to vendors, customers, salesmen and our employees and could easily point them to our team page to make donations. When all was said and done Multicorr’s 86 employees, customers, vendors, management team, and even a few random truck drivers who had seen a posting I had up had raised $5270.  (One of our customers went to the Partners for Care web site and donated $1000 so that didn’t show up on our team page.)  In all, CorrChoice raised $11,080 for water backpacks.  I’m not sure how the other plants made their donations.  I am both amazed and humbled at the support we received.  Management may have pushed partly because of the competition, but EVERYONE who gave gave out of the spirit to help.

So we did a little more digging and it turns out that $32,803 was raised over the holidays. That means 3280 families will receive packs very soon! With that said, we think a HUGE THAK YOU is in order! Dedicated to Greif, Multicorr, CorrChoice, Michigan Packaging, Combined Containerboard, Southeastern Packaging, Ponderosa Packaging

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